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Are you TOO BUSY?

  • to efficiently manage your teams.
  • to properly engage your Customers.
  • to organize your daily tasks
  • to follow-up and direct employees

Empower Employees

Empower your employees with Right Tools to focus on whats important, Save time and do things that really matter.

Daily Tasks (Self and Team)

Plan your and your team's tasks, to-do lists and Reminders. Never Miss an important thing slip-away

Engage Customers

Maintain great relationship, Convert more leads and engage with customers with relevant and contextual conversations

Chat Automation

Save time with chat automation Trigger instant actions, stay on top of activities, and follow up better

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Empower your Employees and Management

Empower your Teams with right tools to plan their daily tasks & perform better than ever before

Employee Benefits

  • Set reminders to make sure important things don’t slip away.
  • With powerful location based reminders, you can be sure critical things don’t get forgotten.
  • Automatic Reporting to the management to Save time on updating the status

Management Benefits

  • Organize, Plan and Prioritise your employees tasks.
  • Whereever you are, you can monitor your employees tasks in real-time
  • Identify the ACTIVE and IDLE Employees Instantly.
  • With Chat Automations, get updated automatically on tasks statuses
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BEST CRM Mobile Application

Free App login to your customers to Place & Track Orders, Payments & Deliveries. Maintain great relationship, Convert more leads & engage with customers with relevant & contextual conversations

Leads and Sales

- Convert Leads and Improve your Sales
- Follow-Up Reminders and Tasks

Orders and Quotations

- Create Quotations on the Move
- Place and Confirm Orders on your Phone

Payments and Deliveries

- Receive Payments and Fullfill Deliveries.
- Automatic Collection and Delivery Tasks.
- Follow-Up Reminders and Updates.

Products and Carts

- Add you products and share with your customers.
- Let Customers Directly Place Order and get notified.

Complains and Support

- Record the complains from your customers.
- Stay on top to support your customer and never forget a Case.

Chat Automations

- Automate every aspect of your business and cut out time-intensive, repetitive tasks.
- Trigger instant actions, stay on top of activities, and follow up better.

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Daily planner is the secret weapon of successful people

Daily Planner

  • Plan your day in seconds.
  • Don't ever miss an important thing with automatic reminders.

Team Tasks

  • Assign Tasks, Due Dates, etc.. To your teams and track them.
  • One place to manage all of your team’s work.


  • Gain full transparency with Teams Tasks.
  • Chat Automation to keep you posted with Tasks Started, Completed, Cancelled etc….
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Business Chat Automation

  • A communication and collaboration platform built for your entire organization and Customers.
  • Increase team and Business Productivity.
  • Communicate more Effectively and Efficiently.

Automatic Groups

  • Automatic Team Groups and Customer Groups for posting automactic reminders and messages.


  • Automatic Labels to Identify quick updates and status of a customer or an employee.

Actionable Buttons

  • Turn Conversations into more actions and Perform Tasks.

Automatic Status Updates

  • Save time with automatic status updates.
  • Trigger instant actions, stay on top of activities, and follow up better.
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The basics of business is to stay as close as possible to your customers—understand their behavior, their preferences, their purchasing patterns, etc.

This is Best Mobile CRM app i have ever come across. Managing our on-field employees has become so easy and their efficiency has tremendously increased.

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Blue Morpho

I can't imagine running my business without busyness app anymore. The real-time updates of all the activities performed by my staff is very good. thanks to the busyness app team for coming up with such a simple but powerful app.

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Fantastic app for planning your day and future tasks. Reminds me of the customers to follow-up, collections, deliveries and keeps me on top of my Business.

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Automatic Chat with reminder labels is very nice. All tasks, reminders, status all in one place. Must app recommended for any business .

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